1 Month PRIO ( 30 days )

Enhance the Lab experience with PRIO status. Skip the waiting line with a priority queue.

Atlas Pass

Elevate your Lab experience with the Atlas Pass. Skip waiting line with a priority queue, meet like-minded members in the Atlas Discord channels, and stand out from others with the in-game chat ATLAS prefix and the discord Atlas role.

Custom Colored Clan Tag

Stand out from the other clans with a custom colored clan tag. Note that clan tags are deleted with wipes.

Stats Reset

Embrace a fresh start with the Stats Reset package. Redefine yourself and strive for greatness anew. To check your in-game stats, simply type !kd in the in-game chat.

Neoprene Bambi Mask

Upgrade the regular "surgical mask" in the Bambi loadout with a stylish neoprene ATLAS mask instead! Please note that this item is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay in any way.


If you just want to help then donations really make a big difference in keeping our servers up and running smoothly. We appreciate your support a lot. Thank you!